People are anything but free!

There is about $240 Trillion dollars ($240,000,000,000,000.00) of interest-bearing debt, worldwide, while the annual gross domestic product (GDP) of the world is only $70 Trillion Dollars! What does this mean? What is debt? What is interest? What is the purpose for debt? Where does the money come from that created the funding that made that debt possible? Who suffers if the debt is not repaid? Who suffers if interest on the debt is not paid? Is there another way, other than the credit-debt-interest cycle, that the world could operate? Who benefits from maintaining the astronomical amount of debt on the backs of humanity? What kind of lifestyles are possible with huge debt burdens, or unpayable debt? Who benefits? What are the alternatives? How can we convert or cancel this debt to eliminate debt slavery? Who, if anyone, would get hurt if this debt was canceled? The answers will surprise you, as most people, even the "upper crust," government officials, legislators, heads of state, are not aware of the true reality of our financial system.

Welefare Slaves

People want and need food, clothes, housing, bubble gum, transportation and the like! They want to obtain luxury items as well as the necessities of life for themselves and their children, such as education, homes, cars, vacation travel, etc. But to obtain anything other than the necessities of life without being "rich" either has many "strings attached" or is impossible for common folks!

With low enough income, one can become tethered to the welefare system, getting subsidized housing, food allowances, and the like. But, if one earns too much, then the subsidies are curtailed or eliminated, providing poor people with a strong incentive to "remain" poor - in effect being "welefare slaves!"

The bulk of the "big ticket" luxury items go to people that are comparatively wealthy. Intelligence doesn't count, nor does capability, musical ability, or any of the multitude of special qualifications that humans may and do possess, including empathy, compassion, language skills, etc. Only income and assets count!

Debt Slaves

Other than as mentioned in the introduction to this website, there is one big exception to the rule of "no big ticket items" to common folks! That exception is the "right" to become "college educated." Rich folks' children can, of course, afford a college education by simply having checks written for their tuition and expenses. But, poorer parents and their children must get student loans to fund college. Surprise, surprise! Department of Education loans through FAFSA and participating banks will easily lend (even indigent) students the money to fund their college education. What's the catch?  Read on elsewhere in this website!

100% True

All of what is written herein has references to back up what statements are made. Some of these references come from high sources, such as the Federal Reserve, the US Government, etc.
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