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They Say Money Is The Root of All Evil!

Fundamental principles and ethics show that the monetary system of the USA and most of the world is mercilously abusive and usurious. Money is mis-defined as a commodity, advantageous to money changers/bankers and those that profit off of the ownership of their mis-defined commodity. What should only be a medium of exchange, money, becomes, by mis-definition, valuable itself.

Commodities are tangible and generally have an intrinsic value. How is money tangible? Since the 1970s, each country's currency has "floated" with respect to other currencies, without being tied to any commodity's value. Before that, US money was loosely tied to silver or gold, but the government seldom honored an exchange of currency for what backed it. But, if one thinks about it, the only thing that money should be "backed" by are the goods and services that money is used for!

Since money is always used by common folks and businesses as a medium of exchange, to define money as a commodity (like bushels of wheat, gold bars or barrels of oil) is to pretend it has some higher use than being a medium of exchange. Lower and middle classed people are shamefully damaged if their labor, services or goods produced is valued so low that they earn less than their survival needs; even if sufficient for "survival", often people do not have enough money to buy luxury items.

Yes, the present monetary system does allow for an exchange of goods and services between people, but it unduly rewards people who are not limited by conscience, guilt, pity, or common humanity; they can easily unduly benefit from unwitting fellow human beings by controlling the books written, what the schools teach, and what Main$tream Media (M$M) publishes as "truth". The Hitlers, Mussolinis, Stalins, Ghengis Khans and a seemingly endless list of power hungry and greedy people are adequate proof of how humanity can be and has been hijacked by greed, avarice, lust and hunger for power. In this day, it is no different, as those in power benefit by how money is mis-defined.

The latest episodes in this lust for power and greed are the 20th and 21st centuries' hegemonic power grabs using "pandemics", "epidemics" and bogus monetary crises as weapons. In retrospect, it is provable that the "covid-19" stories, thanks to the careful analysis by concerned scientists and epidemiologists, is, at worst, the "weaponization" of a story of a common coronavirus way out of proportion. i.e. no virus is necessary if the disease storytellers have a big enough megaphone to fearporn their "false" stories to the unsuspecting Lemming public. It helps if the ownership of almost all M$M is limited to the same few hegemons that control the banks and government. If the covid-19 story was/is true, there are many ways the nations and governments of the world could have handled the "crisis" that would not have "trashed" the world economy.

But, the world leaders chose the methods of handling this, such that indelible damage was perpetrated to the local and world economies. What kind of people are not concerned that their actions destroyed a large percentage of creative small businesses and creatively ambitious people that worked these businesses? Ditto the millions of foreclosures that wouldn't have happened without the covid-19 story. Any scientist that does not "agree" to participate in this "crisis story" is in danger of being blackballed as thoroughly as Brer Rabbit was "tarred and feathered" in the early 20th century cartoons. In 2008-9, it was the story of the need for a "bail-out" of the banks, "failure" of Fannie-Mae and key financial parties that brought the economy down. Never mind that the swine flu of 2009 which was measurably more devastating than the stories of the 2020-2023 coronavirus "casualties". There was no swine flu shutdown because the economy was already shut down with the banker's financial "crisis," followed by seeming "action" by the government to supposedly bail out the "too big to fail" banks, etc. No need for the swine flu to shut down economies that were already shut down!

Follow the links to various websites on the monetary system. They will begin to educate you on your journey to being able to contribute to monetary reform. While we don't agree with everything the linked websites say, their description of the present monetary system is reasonably accurate! Enjoy and learn!

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